Nev Sağlık Grubu
Nev Anadolu

Nev Anadolu Hospital currently has 17 intensive care units including 5-bed adult intensive care unit, 3-bed coronary intensive care unit, 4-bed newborn intensive care unit and 5-bed CVC intensive care unit. In addition, it continues to serve as a 67-bed hospital in total, with 50 normal patient beds.

In addition, the hospital has 5 operating room rooms, 1 eye intervention room, 13-bed observation room, angiography unit and interventional radiology unit.

As of today, Nev Anadolu Hospital employs a total of 260 personnel, including 42 specialist physicians, 8 general practitioners and 1 dentist.

There is an angiography unit, radiology unit and biochemistry laboratory within the organization of the hospital and there are 5 operating room rooms and one eye intervention room. The hospital, which has a construction area of 4880 m2, has 32 polyclinic rooms.

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