Nev Sağlık Grubu

Is there anything better than seeing the world, life and our loved ones healthy? Our hospital, with its competent staff and modern technology equipment, provides the best support for the protection and development of your eye health. Our hospital provides you with the following services for healthy eyes and a happy life:

  • Computerized eye and glass examination
  • General ophthalmological examination
  • FAKO method-Cataract surgery unit
  • Pediatric eye diseases and diplopia unit
  • Glaucoma unit
  • Contact lens unit
  • Retinal diseases and diabetes unit
  • Vitrectomy unit
  • Keratoconus unit 
  • Corneal diseases
  • FFA (Eye angiography)
  • OCT
  • Corneal topography
  • Eyelid diseases surgery
  • Lacrimal duct obstruction treatment (with diode laser)
  • Cryotherapy
  • Pachymetry
  • Yaglaser
  • Argon laser, diagnostics and treatments
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