Nev Sağlık Grubu

In our Intensive Care Unit, our physicians and their teams apply the treatment of the main disease that adversely affects the general condition of the patient. Our patients having a risk of death are taken to our Intensive Care Unit.

Cases that require treatment

The cases that require Intensive Care treatment include severe body traumas, severe blunt and piercing injuries, brain hemorrhages, stroke, severe respiratory failure, acute and chronic kidney failure, nervous system diseases, severe infections, poisoning, heart failure and rhythm disorders.

How are the treatments determined?

The treatments of the patients in our Intensive Care Unit are determined depending on the disease that they have had. These patients remain in the intensive care unit until the risk of death is overcome.

Should every severely ill patient be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit?

Individuals with chronic diseases or having severe risk of death due to their diseases should be taken to the intensive care unit. Patients whose conditions are not severe should not stay in the intensive care unit because it may cause unnecessary hospitalizations, hospital infections and various complications.