Nev Sağlık Grubu

Numerous symptoms associated with sleep disorders, such as snoring, interruptions in breathing during sleep, and the inability to fall asleep, are often perceived as socially acceptable. Sleep disorders have significant implications for both individual and societal well-being, underscoring the importance of not overlooking these conditions.

What are the Symptoms?

The most noticeable characteristics of sleep apnoea are waking up with a sensation of breathlessness and producing loud snores.

In addition, sleep apnoea can be easily recognised by observation of the person sleeping with you.

Disruption of night-time sleep due to various factors and its persistence represents another indication of sleep apnoea. Conversely, daytime drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, and chronic fatigue may also raise suspicion of sleep apnoea in certain cases.

Patients presenting with sleep-related concerns at our hospital undergo a thorough assessment by our medical professionals. Following the examination in the outpatient department, those considered suitable are admitted to the Sleep Laboratory for sleep assessments.